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  • Gravity Defying Frog - 10 Pack
    A Balance Investigation  Learn how to move an item’s center of gravity to create the illusion of a gravity defying frog! Use moveable weights to explore what works to keep the frog balancing head first. Create a version with concealed weights to heighten the mystery of how the frog can spin ..
  • Hovercraft - 10 Pack
    An uplifting activity based on air pressure!  Use this activity kit to demonstrate the effects of friction and air pressure on motion. Create a simple hovercraft and be amazed at how it gracefully glides along a smooth, flat surface on a thin cushion of air. How long a “flight” is possible? ..
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  • Interesting Interest - 10 pack
    Watch savings grow with Interest! Money deposited in a savings account will earn interest and grow. Model the difference between two interest rates. Over time, does a small difference in interest rates really matter? Curriculum topics: Financial Literacy, Compound Interest, Savings Account, Re..
  • Kaleidoscope Explorations - 10 Pack
    Investigate the science & geometry of reflections Kaleidoscopes are perfect for exploring symmetry, simple geometry, and the science of light and reflections. Curriculum topics: Refelection, Symmetry, Color, Light, Angles Kit includes: Idea Sheet, 30 strips 2" x 6" of mylar, 30 adhesive..
  • Kumihimo - 10 pack
    Braiding art, history, and mathematics together This simplified version of an ancient braiding technique ties together art, history, and mathematical patterns in a fun activity suitable for all ages. Curriculum topics: Braiding, Patterns, Japanese Art Kit includes: Idea sheet, 10 foam Kumih..
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  • Mathematical Dream Catcher - 10 Pack
    Weave math and culture together with Native American Indian dream catchers Combine traditional Native American culture and modern mathematical concepts to explore geometric shapes and patterns! Curriculum topics: Circles, Geometric Shapes, Patterns & Relationships, Native American Culture,..

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