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  • Solar Jitterbug - 10 pack
    Shake things up with the power of the Sun Create and decorate a "critter" whose moves are powered by sunlight. To vary the critter's movements, explore making changes to the swinging "proboscis". Curriculum topics: Solar Energy, Energy, Conversions, Vibration, Electrical Circuits Kit includ..
  • Spectrum Bracelet - 10 Pack
    Wear and remember the electromagnetic spectrum Students can easily construct this bracelet to help them remember the electromagnetic spectrum (radio, microwave, infared, ROYGBIV, uv, x-rays, gamma rays), with visible and invisible components. Curriculum topics: Light, Waves, Electromagnetic Sp..
  • Static Merry-Go-Round - 10 Pack
    An easily made and powered version of the first electric motor! This unique adaptation of the first static motor lets students create spinning motion using only hand generated static electric charges. The design can be easily modified for experimentation. Curriculum topics: static electricity,..
  • Stethoscope - 10 Pack
    Catch the (heart) beat Listening to the heart is a practical way to teach students about how the heart pumps blood through the circulatory system. The sounds of the beats provide information on heart valves, heart rate, and they reveal the relationship between circulation and respiration. This si..
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  • Strawberry DNA - 10 Pack
    Build student interest with this simple DNA activity! Use ordinary dish soap, salt, and isopropyl alcohol to extract DNA from strawberries. Just follow the illustrated guide. No special skills or equipment required. Curriculum topics: Biology, Life Science, Cell Structure, Genetics, Scientific..
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  • The Germinator - 10 Pack
    Watch plant growth in a CD case Create a reusable germinator that gives students an unobstructed view of sprouting seeds. Graph data, test environmental variables, or simply “enjoy the magic” as the seeds transform into growing plants! Curriculum topics: Biodiversity, Botany, Measurement, Plan..
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