Understanding Biodiversity

Understanding Biodiversity

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Quanityfing the richness of life

Everything that lives in an ecosystem, including humans, contributes to the biodiversity of the planet. Many species interact and depend upon one another for things like food, shelter, and oxygen. Students learn how to measure biodiversity in terms of species richness (the number of species living in a particular area) by sampling "species" in a simulated ecosystem and graphing and analyzing data.

Curriculum topics: Biodiversity, Ecosystem Dynamics, Human Impacts on Environment, Species Richness

Kit includes: 1 idea sheet, 1 Understanding Biodiversity Game Board, 180 assorted color beads, 140 assorted color pawns, 120 assorted color game pieces, 20 paper clips, 20 caps, 1 table & graph, 2 20-sided dice

Number served: 1-4

Grades: 5-12

Recommended for children ages 10 and up.

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