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RAFT educational science activities turn students into scientists.  Teach with hands on kits!

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  • Car on a Roll - 10 Pack
    A clever way to demonstrate the transfer between potential energy and kinetic energy Create a model car consisting of a simple chassis and a straw-based axle system (simple machine) that produces minimal friction and allows the cars to roll with little energy input, making them ideal learning too..
  • Floating Compass - 10 Pack
    Let a steel needle point the way! The floating compass is a useful tool for detecting the magnetic fields of magnets and of the Earth. Make a simple compass with a magnetized needle demonstrates the properties of magnetic materials and shows that magnets have north and south poles. Using the floa..
  • Nature-Watch Birds of a Feather - 25 pk
    There are thousands of different species of birds around the world. Some live in hot climates, some in cold. Some eat plants and small insects, while others eat small animals. Some are awake during the day and some at night. Despite all of their differences, there is one distinct characteristic that..
  • Nature-Watch's Magnificent Metamorphosis - 25 pk
    Complete Metamorphosis is one of nature's mysterious wonders -- you have to see it to believe it... and now your students can! Nature-Watch's Metamorphosis kit represents each stage of the butterfly/moth life cycle. From a small egg on a leaf to a caterpillar; and then from a cocoon (which is R..
  • Roller Racer - 10 Pack
    Explore the fun of energy conversion Enjoy the hands-on experience of building and using the Roller Racer, a modern variation of an old favorite. Explore the application of simple machines and energy conversion and investigate how changes in stored energy can affect performance. Curriculum top..
  • Simple Telescope - 10 Pack
    Make a telescope like the one Galileo designed! See how convex and concave lenses can be combined to magnify far-away objects. Curriculum topics: Lights, Optics, Refraction, Astronomy Kit includes: Idea Sheet, 10 plastic pipe caps, 10 convex lenses, 10 concave lenses, 10 cardboard tubes, an..

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