Solar Jitterbug - 1 Pack

Solar Jitterbug - 1 Pack

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Shake things up with the power of the Sun

Create and decorate a "critter" whose moves are powered by sunlight. To vary the critter's movements, explore making changes to the swinging "proboscis".

Curriculum topics: Solar Energy, Energy, Conversions, Vibration, Electrical Circuits

Kit includes: Idea Sheet, 1 - 1 1/2 V motor, 1 solar cell, 1 CD jewel case, 2 straws, 4 jumbo paper clips, 2 flat wooden sticks, 2 alligator clips, 2 zip ties, 4 beads, 1 rubber band, 1 binder clip

Number served: 1   Need more Solar Jitterbug Kits? Get a 10-pack

Grades: 4-12

Recommended for ages 9 and up.

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