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  • Buzz Off - 10 Pack - Free
    FREE kit with purchase! Use coupon code: BTSFREE17 What's all the buzz about? Give this little noisemaker a whirl to learn about the effects of air passing over a taut rubber band. As it vibrates, the rubber band can generate a surprising range of deep rumbling tones. How can the pitch be chan..
  • Fizzy Rockets - 10 Pack - Free
    FREE kit with Purchase! Use Coupon Code: BTSFREE17 Have a blast with this gas-powered flyer! These rockets enable students to use design thinking and are effective demonstrations of Newton’s laws of motion. The liftoff power of the rocket is produced by a common acid/base chemical reaction tha..
  • Tongue Depressor Harmonica - 10 Pack - Free
    FREE kit with purchase! Use coupon code: BTSFREE17 Vibrations in the air create sound! People of all ages love the razzy, jazzy Kazoo sounds that come from this fun-to-make and easy-to-play musical instrument. Vibration is the key to making sounds and this harmonica uses a rubber band trapped ..
  • Water beads - 10 Pack - Free
    FREE kit with any purchase! Use coupon code: BTSFREE17. Superabsorbent-polymer in bead form These tiny beads can soak up and hold over 100 times their weight in water! Each bead maintains its spherical shape and color. Observe how the beads absorb water over time. Create a fun illusion using t..

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