Egg Drop

Egg Drop

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How do you prevent a dropped egg from cracking up?

Students build a "vehicle" designed to prevent a dropped egg from breaking. In the process, they discover that combining simple materials with a little creative thinking and teamwork will reveal many ways to solve this intriguing challenge!

Curriculum topics: Motion & Forces, Energy Transfer, Design Challenges, Properties of Materials, Brainstorming, Problem-Solving, Creativity

Kit includes: Idea sheet,1 plastic egg, 3 resealable bags, 1 balloon, plastic cellophane sheet, cloth samples, hanging file folders, straws, crafts sticks, labels, chenille stems, double stick tape, crochet thread, and streamer NOTE: Quantity and materials may vary.

Number served: 1-4

Grades: 4-12

Recommended for ages 9 and up.

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