Mini Magnet Wands - 10 Pack

Mini Magnet Wands - 10 Pack

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Explore magnets and magnetism

Magnetism is a fascinating phenomenon for students. This simple yet effective activity provides a practical method for teaching students how to find and label the magnetic poles on a magnet, identify magnetic materials, understand the difference between geographic and magnetic poles. Mini Magnet Wands can also be used to understand compasses.

Curriculum topics: Magnets and Magnetism, Properties of Materials, Atoms and Molecules, Geographic vs. Magnetic Poles, Composition of Magnetic Materials

Kit includes: Idea Sheet, 5 straws, 10 ceramic "doggie" magnets, 1 spool of thread, 10 paperclips

Number served: 10

Grades: 2-12

Recommended for ages 7 and up.

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