Hovercraft - 1 Pack

Hovercraft - 1 Pack

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An uplifting activity based on air pressure! 

Use this activity kit to demonstrate the effects of friction and air pressure on motion. Create a simple hovercraft and be amazed at how it gracefully glides along a smooth, flat surface on a thin cushion of air. How long a “flight” is possible? Experiment to find out.

Watch FREE instructional videos for this kit and more from our friends at Supercharged Science!

Curriculum topics: Friction, Air Pressure, Motion, Inertia

Kit includes: Idea sheet, 1 CD, 1 balloon, 1 foam piece, 1 sports bottlecap, and 1 index card

Number served:Need more Hovercrafts? Get a 10-Pack

Grades: 4-12

Recommended for ages 9 and up.

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