The kits below are linked with integrated STEAM units designed directly from NGSS performance expectations and Common Core Math standards. Each unit provides students with the opportunity to explore core concepts individually before applying these concepts to solve a design challenge. The kits provide materials to be used in these design challenges. Visit to learn more. 

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  • Cyber Security
    A Glimpse into Cyber Security Students build empathy around the concept of cyber security by learning about different types of data categories and by conducting research into how cyber security is addressed globally.  Students to learn and apply concepts for creating effective account passwo..
  • Tech Challenge 2017 Kit
    Rock the Ravine 2017 The Challenge: design and build a device to help explorers cross an ice field with multiple ravines. This kit enables students to begin exploring the design process to develop creative solutions to a real-world problem. It contains enough building materials for four to six..

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