Solar Cone Cooker - 10 Pack

Solar Cone Cooker - 10 Pack

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A renewable energy device

Explore heating and "cooking" with sunlight using an easy to make mini solar collector. Use a pointer to align the cooker with the sun's position - then remove the pointer to let in the light.

Curriculum topics: Solar Heating, Radiant Energy, Apparent Motion of the Sun, Reflectivity

Kit includes: Idea Sheet,  10 blank CDs, 10 CDs clear, 10 clear CD inserts, 10 fasteners, 10 file folders, 10 paperclips, 10 mini binder clips, 10 small binder clips, 10 portion cups with lids, 10 clear straws, 10 straw stirrers, foil

Number served: 10  Don't need 10? Get a single

Grades: 3-12

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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