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  • Glove-a-Phone - 10 Pack
    A “Note”worthy Sound Activity Build a Glove-a-Phone to discover how a plastic glove, straw and tube can be combined to make a "musical" instrument. Once you learn the proper technique, your Glove-a-Phone can be heard a surprisingly long way off! Use different size tubes and compare the sounds. ..
  • Critter Capsules - 10 Pack
    What makes this capsule jump like a critter? Build student curiosity about motion, center of mass, and inertia with this fun activity! Use this activity as a tool to discuss the characteristics of living organisms. The reason for the capsule's tumbling motion is concealed by the foil which adds t..
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  • Kaleidoscope Explorations - 10 Pack
    Investigate the science & geometry of reflections Kaleidoscopes are perfect for exploring symmetry, simple geometry, and the science of light and reflections. Curriculum topics: Refelection, Symmetry, Color, Light, Angles Kit includes: Idea Sheet, 30 strips 2" x 6" of mylar, 30 adhesive..
  • Water beads - 10 Pack
    Superabsorbent-polymer in bead form These tiny beads can soak up and hold over 100 times their weight in water! Each bead maintains its spherical shape and color. Observe how the beads absorb water over time. Create a fun illusion using the optical properties of the beads. Curriculum topics: M..
  • Water in the Balance
    Make smart choices to keep the demand for water in balance with th supply. Students create a simple "water balance" and use it to demonstrate the critical relationship between supply and demand for water. Curriculum topics: Water, Resource Conservation, Enviornment, Human Impact Kit include..
  • Whimsical Windvane - 10 Pack
    A personable wind vane with its beak to the wind Create a playful, easy to make wind vane which will point to the source of the wind! Curriculum topics: Wind, Weather, Fluids, Atmosphere Kit includes: Idea Sheet, 20 paper cones, 10 jumbo straws, 10 wide straws, 10 metal washers, 10 foam was..

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