Simple Motor Plus - 10 Pack

Simple Motor Plus - 10 Pack

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Two activities in one!

Skewer a coil of magnet wire to create a simple spinning motor and create opposing magnetic fields using a coil of magnet wire and a ring magnet.The motor converts electrical energy into kinetic energy - the energy of motion.

Curriculum topics: Electricity, Magnetism, Electromagnetism, Motors, Experimental Variables, Energy and Matter, Cause and Effect

Kit includes: 1 Idea Sheet, 10 foam blocks, 10 donut magnets, 40 paper clips, 30 alligator clips, 10 wooden stir sticks, 10magnet wires, 10 flex straws, 100 pipette tips, 20 toothpicks, 70 paper fasteners, 10 paper grids

Number served: 10

Grades: 4-12

Recommended for ages 9 and up.

Simple Motor Hopping Coil

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