Evolution by Natural Selection

Evolution by Natural Selection

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Simulate evolution with critters and beaky birds

Simulate evolution with some colorful “critters” and carnivorous “beaky birds”. Simulations are helpful to demonstrate processes like evolution that take place over many years. Observe how adaptations such as camouflage help organisms survive and pass on traits to offspring. Recognize evolution happening simultaneously in both the predator and prey (bird and critter) populations.

Curriculum topics: Adaptation, Evolution, Fitness, Natural Selection, Predator-Prey Interactions, Variation

Kit includes: Idea sheet, 70 red beads, 70 brown beads, 70 black beads, 2 felt sheets (1 black, 1 red), 6 portion cups, 4 plastic forks, 4 plastic spoons, 3 clothespins, 3 sets of chop sticks, 1 container

Number served: 3-6

Grades: 3-12

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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