Tech Challenge 2017 Kit

Tech Challenge 2017 Kit

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Rock the Ravine 2017

The Challenge: design and build a device to help explorers cross an ice field with multiple ravines.

This kit enables students to begin exploring the design process to develop creative solutions to a real-world problem. It contains enough building materials for four to six small groups to explore engineering concepts and build their ravine-crossing solutions. Materials are upcycled from area manufacturers to promote environmentally friendly learning.

This design challenge is aligned with the theme of the 2017 Tech Challenge, a signature program of The Tech Museum of Innovation that reinforces 21st-century skills including creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, perseverance and learning from failure. To learn more about the Tech Challenge, visit:

Kit includes: Materials for 4-6 small groups to complete a design challenge. Materials can include: Foam, Straws, Address Labels, Binder Clips, Plascore, Microtubes, Wooden Sticks, String, Paper clips, Post cards, Cups, Plastic Connectors, Rubber Bands, Stickers NOTE: Quantity and materials may vary.

Number served: 10-20

Grades: K-3

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

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