Laser Cutter Introductory Course

Online Price: $85.00

Interested in learning a new skill? Come learn about laser cutting, a useful technology that applies a focused laser beam to mark, engrave and cut through many different materials. Our laser can process paper, cardboard, wood, plastics, fabric, and more! Get hands-on practice with laser cutting fundamentals such as creating simple designs using Adobe Illustrator, loading materials for processing, sending artwork to the laser for processing, and learning techniques for working with a variety of materials on the laser system. You will create a nice laser cut object to take home or bring to school to show fellow educators! Upon workshop completion:

  • Receive certificate
  • Name added to our list of approved RAFT members
  • Receive link to reserve the laser system for individual use
  • Continued coaching as needed
  • Authorized to register for intermediate laser and rotary tool course

Prerequisites:  Current RAFT membership (renew before registering)