Laser Cutter Rotary Tool Course

Online Price: $60.00

This workshop focuses on the use of a rotary tool/attachment, enabling laser users to process objects with curved surfaces such as vases, wine glasses, metal water bottles, etc. You will review the skills learned in our introductory course and also learn how to install the rotary tool. Learn to modify the laser system settings for rotary processing such as adjusting the engraving field, placing graphics along a central axis, techniques for leveling and loading non-cylindrical objects, and troubleshooting common issues associated with rotary laser cutting. You will create a nice rotary laser cut object to take home or bring to school to show fellow educators! Note: Capacity is limited to 4 people per session. Upon workshop completion:

  • Receive certificate
  • Authorized to use rotary tool on future laser appointments
  • Continued coaching as needed

Prerequisites: Current RAFT membership, Laser Cutter Introductory Course